12 thoughts on “Starry Night Mod

  1. Awesome mod, I Like seeing stars out when driving at night. Even when driving through Nevada in the desert at night. It’s allways fun to see stars at night.

    1. Thanks for great comment. Also you can download ETS version: http://ets2.lt/en/starry-night-mod/

  2. RegularJohn53

    Why is this 213 MB?

    1. For quality stars ;)

      1. ömer batuhan

        Yanıt Efsane :D

  3. Little bit too much stars!…. ;) :)

  4. Arthur Vince

    Awesome mod..thanks.

  5. its 203mb because of 8k textures will just use more vram on the graphics card.

    1. Doesn’t cause the FPS fall.

  6. ETS version work on ATS and is more realistic!!! ;)

  7. BassieenAdriaan

    Awsome mod, please add the moon, I miss the moon.

  8. does not look any different… to many stars.. I see to many red dwarfs and to many blue giant stars…I feel that I can grab them out of the sky

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