Sounds for ATS Truck Traffic Pack by Jazzycat v 2.6.2

Personalized sounds for ATS Truck traffic pack by Jazzycat v2.6.2
main mod here:

from this version, my mod will include also sounds for the Classic truck pack by TrafficManiac which can be found here:

this is only optional, the game will show no errors if you do not use Classic trucks pack.

Please read on my sounds thread on SCS forum to learn how to use this pack and to find other sounds packs for ETS2 and ATS:

Cipinho, Jazzycat, TrafficManiac, Drive Safely


5 thoughts on “Sounds for ATS Truck Traffic Pack by Jazzycat v 2.6.2

  1. mod says it’s version 2.2.1 in mod manager

    1. you can ignore that, I may forgot to update the manifest but trucks are all updated!

  2. TruckerOne

    Yes, and the errors are not fixed, like the manifest!!! XDDDDD

    1. same as I said on ets2 website, check the description and load order before posting! manifest is one thing and the mod itself it’s another thing! I never release mods with errors! sometimes can be a missing sound because simply not all my sounds are public and for uploads I have to copy.paste sounds one by one in a different folder ;)

  3. miguel heitor alvino lima

    mods perfeitos

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