5 thoughts on “Snowman KW skin

  1. Thanks man! I might have to convert over my old ETS2 Bandit trailers I made now to hook up to it! Snowman might truck again! :)

    1. Ok got both my Bandit trailers brought into ATS. They look great with your truck skin!

      1. Tanner69046

        You should upload those trailer skins to the website David. They sound cool!

        1. I would man, but it violates the policy of this modsite unfortunately. I have had my other alcohol related trailers rejected here. My Smokey and the Bandit trailers haul Coors Beer as cargo. So to avoid getting rejected here, I did upload to another modsite..modhubus. It should be up tomorrow. I also sent Fidiuss a copy to place on my spot on his webpage, so if he decides to post them they should be there soon as well. I hope! :)

  2. Tanner69046

    Is it possible to have the air cleaners painted black?

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