Smoke in my Trucks v1.2

This mod continuously adds smoke to the exhausts of all original game trucks purchased from the Truck Dealers listed below:
– Freightliner
– Intnational
– Kenworth
– Mack
– Peterbilt
– Volvo
– Western Star

The smoke follows the original direction of exit of its exhausts except the exhausts that are under the trucks. The smoke alters its trail as the trucks change their direction and speed.
The mod will support the current version of the game ATS 1.47

Version 1.2:
* Added smoke to the exhausts of Volvo VNL 300, 740 and 860 trucks



2 thoughts on “Smoke in my Trucks v1.2

  1. Can you find any way to turn off smoke when the engines are shut down? It does look a bit silly. And I believe that’s why others gave up in it. One other thing is trucks that don’t have DEF don’t really smoke all that much. Trucks before 2009 do.

    So far, you’re the only one to get this corrected so smoke alters to the direction the truck is going. The way it is now looks more like reality.

  2. So this only works with vanilla SCS trucks and nod mod trucks?

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