Skoda Superb

Škoda Superb

Škoda Superb B6 car mod including ownable and job market caravan trailer. Based on the Scout Extra_D from TruckersMP. The mod has been modified and improved in many aspects. The car can be bought at any non-modded truck and mod dealers.

Physics Addon
For better handling characteristics, the Physics addon included in the mod.

Improved Dashboard
For dashboard improvements, the improved dashboard included in the mod.

Skoda Superb Logo
For the car exactly becoming Skoda Superb, the Skoda Superb Logo included in the mod.

Changes, fixes and improvements
– Realistic engine properties, torque curves, transmission ratios and weights.
– Engines from Superb generations B6 (marked with B6 in engine selection) and B8.
– Working manual gearbox: 6-speed manual with improved shifting behaviour.
– Police, accessory lights, LEDs and sirens. Hold airhorn key to sound the siren.
– Caravan trailer since 1.32, ownable caravan trailer since 1.33.
– Openable windows since 1.38, sounds specific to trucks removed from the car since 1.39.
– Front-wheel drive with 360 liters.
– Better handling characteristics known as physics.
– Improved dashboard.
– Skoda Superb Logo.
– ATS changes.

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions
Q: Where can I buy this car?
A: You can buy it at any non-modded in-game truck and mod dealers.

Q: I can’t drive faster than 65 mph?
A: You have the truck speed limiter enabled in game settings. Disable it.

Q: How do I turn on the police siren?
A: Hold down the assigned airhorn button on your keyboard/controller. The siren does not work like an on-off switch, it works like a standard truck airhorn.

Original base mod files by TruckersMP
Updates, modifications and improvements by Robi and then LincolnLoud2015



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