Skoda Superb – Robi Edition

Skoda Superb 1.39
Thank you for downloading to Robi and my Škoda Superb car mod-, including ownable and job market caravan trailers-! The mod is based on the TruckersMP Scout Extra_D; Robi has modified and improved the mod in many aspects. I changed its Truck Dealers from European to American. If you’re using the 66-litre chassis (marked as (66 L) in-game), make sure to enable realistic fuel consumption in your game settings!

Changes, fixes and improvements
– Improved car handling, engines and transmission.
– Realistic torque curves and transmission ratios.
– Added a working automatic gearbox: 6-speed DSG, improved shifting behaviour.
– Added B6 Superb engines: the car model is B6, but includes B8 engines as well.
– Realistic car weight and price adjustments, fixed car in no dealer problem.
– Caravan trailer since version 1.32 and ownable caravan trailer since version 1.33.
– Police, other accessory lights, LEDs and sirens work (press/hold airhorn key).
– Working openable windows since version 1.38.
– Removed truck sounds (air release etc.) from car since 1.39.
– Other smaller improvements.

Known issues:
– Physics are wobbly again at speeds over ~100 km/h. [Fix ETA: hopefully soon]
– Wipers don’t wipe in UK interiors. [Fix ETA: not anytime soon]
– Raindrops remain on windows when they are open. [Fix ETA: in the next few updates]

[FAQ] Frequently Asked Questions
Q: Where can I buy this car?
A: You can buy it at any in-game dealer.

Q: The car won’t go faster than ~40 km/h?
A: If you use automatic shifting and have the manual 6-speed gearbox equipped, it won’t work. Change to the 6-speed DSG at the dealer/service shop.

Q: I can’t drive faster than 90 km/h?
A: You have the truck speed limiter in game settings enabled. Disable it.

Q: The car is too fast and uncontrollable! What do I do?
A: Use a weaker engine if you can’t control the powerful ones. Especially on keyboard.

Q: How do I turn on the police siren?
A: Hold down the assigned airhorn button on your keyboard/controller.

Q: My car runs out of fuel too fast! Help!
A: Looks like you have the 66-litre chassis equipped. Enable realistic fuel consumption in game settings or change to the 360-litre chassis.

Original mod files by TruckersMP Team[]; files extracted by Robi
Updates, modifications and improvements by Robi;Robi-edited files extracted by MinecrafterDE15;American Truck Dealers by MinecrafterDE15

MinecrafterDE15 and Robi


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