Skin Road Ranger Towing (Terminator 2) for Freightliner FLB

Skin Road Ranger Towing (Terminator 2) for “Freightliner FLB edited by Harven”

Tested on 1.6.x game version

Thanks Harven for the truck!



7 thoughts on “Skin Road Ranger Towing (Terminator 2) for Freightliner FLB

  1. Biggey Smalley

    This is not a wrecker. how are you going to tow?

  2. umdiegoqualquer

    This mod is just skin for the “Freightliner FLB edited by Harven” truck. Based on a scene from the movie “Terminator 2: Judgment Day (1991)”. It does not turn it into a tow truck.

  3. Biggey Smalley

    The truck in the movie is a wrecker. It makes no sense having a tow truck skin on a truck that does not tow.

    1. umdiegoqualquer

      The skin refers to another period, a feeling of nostalgia. Not necessarily to a tow truck. The simulator does not have old trucks originally, let alone tow trucks. I’m happy to be able to make the skin for a fantastic mod like that. Enjoy yourself!

  4. RITrucker

    What part of “based on” do you not get? It’s the closest we can get in game and the skin is rather well done. If you want a tow truck version of it, build one yourself. Jesus……people are NEVER satisfied……

  5. I agree with RITrucker, you assholes are never satisfied and ##### about mods you could never create even in your wildest dreams. #### it and don’t download it if you don’t like it. #######.

  6. Very nicely done skin, top nostalgia trip with this one – thanks umdiegoqualquer.

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