SiSL’s Mega Pack 3.0 for ATS

What’s new in SiSL’s Mega Pack 3.0?

Almost all items are completely renewed, materials and meshes are updated. Some are completely changed

– 2 different versions of Kettles
– Holland Wind Mill
– Stone Henge
– Easter Island Statue
– The Thinker Statues
– David Statue
– Statue of Venus
– Statue of Liberty
– Game of Thrones House of Targaryen medal
– Game of Thrones House of Lannisters medal
– Game of Thrones House of Stark medal
– Sleeping version of Tekir (and now on dashboard too)
– Mars Bar
– Snickers Bar
– Hanuta bar
– Milka Wafers
– Bounty
– Toblerone
– Petit Beurre Biscuits
– Tadelle
– Polo Mint
– Mentos Mint
– Vivident Xylit Box
– Vivident Active
– Volvo VNL Toy
– Coins and Notes (USD)
– Black Classic Steering Wheels (3spoke and 4spoke)

You can see each and every item from

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DOWNLOAD 302 MB [Sharemods]
DOWNLOAD 302 MB [Modsbase]

6 thoughts on “SiSL’s Mega Pack 3.0 for ATS

  1. Good job! :-)
    I use in Workshop!

  2. Tom Ezarik

    How I can change that ###### Turkish flag???

    1. Oh my girl are you angry at Turks because our grand dads fckd your grandmoms?

      SiSL the author of the mod also is Turkish you son of a b.tch!

      Now go back to your home and keep sucking your daddy’s tiny or keep working on streets as a who.e like you always do.

      1. wow… someone was molested by their dad

  3. jbsejalbo27

    Is This Compatible to ATS 1.6?

  4. Breznjev Broski Bruski

    There is no .scs file? I have had installed this a few months ago but with the new 1.35 update of the game I forgot how to install this mod. Someone can explaine please?

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