18 thoughts on “SiSL’s Mega Pack 3.0 for ATS 1.35

  1. It’s great to see your mod back and updated SISL

  2. Hmmm, looks nice but after downloading it needs 24 hours to unzip (according to WinRar) and no instructions on how to install them. Helpfile says something about for ETS II only with the Cabin DLC, but this is ATS not ETS. Directory structure also looks weird. This can be good, but please give us a good ‘how to’ file with a bit more clear instructions.

    1. theonefrancis

      Not to be a party crasher, but WinRar is not safe for use anymore (a malware was detected on the very website).
      You should use another program.


      1. hola para instalarlo solo copian el archivo sin descomprimir a la carpeta de mods de ats o ets luego entran al juego y lo activan.

    2. Countryrdnk

      You don’t unzip it. Change the file extension to .scs from . zip

      After that, move it to your mod folder then activate it with the mod manager in game.

      If your computer doesn’t show you file extensions after the file name then Google “how to show file extensions windows 10” or whatever platform you’re using.

      It’s incredibly easy.

  3. theonefrancis

    I’m afraid the mod is causing minor issues on the trucks dashboard, i.e. dashboard is constantly off or out of scale when the pack is enabled.

    Anyone else having this issue? Does SISL need a specific position in load order?

    1. I am not having this issue but place it in at least middle position but not far down the order.

  4. how do i need to install it there is no install instruction im bad in this sort of things
    so pls help me

    1. Extract and copy the mega pack mod to the mod folder in the save game directory. By default you can find it in Documents\American Truck Simulator\mod. Open game and activate it in mod manager.

  5. I work only the accessories that are attached to the steering wheel, nothing more

    1. Deactivate it and reactivate but place the mod in middle to high position on the mod order. Hope it helps.

  6. TastyCoffeeLake

    Does this mod works with the SCANIA and VOLVO FH16 Trucks Mods for ATS by Frkn64?

  7. Gogu Steriade

    Hello Sir , 1 st i would like to thank you for all your incredible work !
    Second , and i feel bad asking for help but maybe you could help set up some windshield accessories for kenworth w990 , i have tried all i know to no success .
    Thank you very much.

    P,S : I am not a modder my knowledge is limited and i would like this for my personal use.

  8. Gogu Steriade

    Can i please get some help in adding windsield accessories to w990?

  9. abiler selam kabin de tiklamak icin yer vermiyo, yani aksesuar tus lari yok yardimci lun lutfenn tuslari gostermior

    1. mesala koltuqa bir sey koymak olmuyor .kabine isk koymak olmuyor.on cama aksesura .tavana ,,, sadece direksiyon deqisior



  11. ¿ con que camiones son compatibles los mods ?

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