25 thoughts on “Siemens Trafo Trailer

  1. Nice one, dude!!

  2. The credits are not right there. The Trailer was made from Micha-BF3.
    See here: https://ets.modhoster.de/mods/trailer-mit-siemens-trafo.
    Please correct it.

  3. Can the normal W900 625hp engine pull it? Or will i need modded engines.

  4. Yeahh the toughest (realistic) load in ETS2 arrives in America!
    Thnx man

    @ craziie
    You can haul that boy with 500hp too, problems will come only in steep slopes. Just watch out for keeping the right momentum climbing on freeway exits

  5. I wrote that I did not know who owned the trailer. They must have forgotten to put it. I sent an email to add Micha in the credits

  6. My favourite trailer, By Micha_BF3, comes to ATS. Much easier to use due to the wide roads and slipways and lack of decent hills. No problems on a trip from Stockton to Las Vegas with a 389 plus 600hp DD60, 18 spd. Keep to a long wheelbase as, just as in ETS2, or you will suffer from strong understeer, especially at low speeds such as parking. I’m using the K200 with 550hp at the moment, which suffers from this problem.

    Great trailer, perfect for this game.


  7. @Craziie: I roll with the trucks of the game and the origins engines

  8. Freddy Jimmink


    People can’t really read! Shame, shame, shame!

    Very nice conversion Fred and it works great with my customized Peterbilt 579

    Dank je wel, Merci,

    Greets from me who is still active wether You like it or not!

  9. allways loved this trailer in ets. nice to have a challenge thanks dude

  10. Heavy Haul Man

    Way too light in ETS2 it weighed 93 tons in ATS it only weighs 70 tons and the views are messed up.

  11. Love this trailer! Adds a whole lot. Love the feel of pulling 75 tons. Fun trailer! Thanks!

  12. Haha if you can make a trip to Havas (Rob’s Offroad Map) using this trailer with 0 damage I will send you 900 dollarydoos

  13. David A King

    Love the trailer however if you can bump out delivery window on this would be great, also no heavy hauler in the US would touch this for only $18,000. Might want to maybe bump that up to a more realistic pay. Otherwise just pulled it with a Pete 389 with 840 hp and 18 speed w/ retarder for keeping speed in check.

  14. great indeed, thanks for the convert, gave my Peterbilt a heavy fight….but my old 389 truck always wins :)

  15. Where are you supposed to deliver this trailer to, heh?? 7 axles will get stuck on virtually every delivery destination in the game. A very nice model, but, unrealistic for this game. Please use common sense when doing trailers for this simulator, what is the point in trucking this around if we can’t deliver it????

    1. David A King

      The 1st rule about a trailer this size is swing wide so you do not get humg up. Sometimes that means taking your time and have a 6 min late delivery. I have done a dhalf dozen without getting hung up of course this is coming from a retired truck driver.

      1. @Sid Snot I’ve done maybe like 50-60 heavy hauls like that, in ETS2 and ATS and just as @David A King said if you turn wide and drive slow and carefully you can make any destination you want with 0 damage and this comes not from a retired trucker like David, but from a 20 years old guy who just loves truck simulators.

    2. OK Sid, calm down.
      I’ve never missed a delivery yet with the Trafo.
      But there are places it won’t go Just check the delivery address first.



  16. have done up ’til now 4 deliveries to different destination/companies and no problems…depending how skilled you are to get it there :)

  17. I see this team have done yet another 7 axle trailer pack today that we get stuck in yards and quarries with, I won’t install any more #### from this idiotic bunch of developers. DELETED, DELETED, DELETED, DELETED, DELETED.

  18. _Classic_

    Rather disappointingly, there is no answer as to why my favourite trailer lost so much weight crossing the Atlantic. 93t down to 68t/70t/77t, depending on factoring.
    Maybe it’s all cosmetic weight figures, who knows, only Fred_Be knows and he’s not telling.


    1. _Classic_

      I’ve returned my trailer to 93 ton as Micha_Bf3 ntended and I feel much better for it


  19. GameplayHD2015
  20. michael hoeven

    this beautiful trailer is also ets2?

  21. Please update this mod for ATS 1.32.3s

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