Short Trains addon for Improved Trains v3.7.2 for ATS 1.40

Short Trains Addon, for mod “Improved Trains v3.7.2 for ATS (v1.40)”
Version 3.7.2 for ATS 1.40.
Designed for the new file structure of the main mod
Added Mexican and Canadian Pacific trains support

Created for players whose for some reason are not satisfied with too long trains or too much FPS drawdown on railway crossings.
Credits: POWE®FULL™
Greatly Reduced all freight trains longer than 30 cars.
Do not use without “Improved trains v3.7.2 or with older versions

Please place this Addon above the Main mod

Enjoy it and Have Fun!


DOWNLOAD 50 KB [mirror]

11 thoughts on “Short Trains addon for Improved Trains v3.7.2 for ATS 1.40

  1. The reason for limiting the number of cars, beyond the FPS issue is scaling.
    At 1:19 scaling, 150 cars equtes to a train of 2850 cars! Completely ridiculous.
    Even with the 30 car limit, we are still looking at a 570 car equivalent.
    That said, the proper 5-6 car default limit feels unsatisfying, even though it equates to a 100 car unit train. So, thanks for providing us with alternatives.

    1. on a scale of 1:19, only empty roads between cities are made and the areas of cities themselves and very large prefabs such as ports or transnational transport hubs are made. Can you imagine a 1:19 scale intersection or road junction? small base where do you get the goods? your own garage ?. on a scale of 1:19 you would be a gulliver in the land of the midgets … oh .. accidentally crushed the city with a wheel, ;-)

    2. How do you manage to drive a truck with a minimum of 19 and a maximum of 57 trailers in the game? it’s impossible

  2. Geeeeeeez my fps drop to 20 when i install this mode on my rtx…

    1. these drawdowns have nothing to do with your video card, it matters SSD, CPU and memory

    2. performance has dropped compared to the previous version with the fixed optimized textures, or are you not comparing with the previous version?

  3. @PowerFULL
    Thank you for your Train mods. Love your avatar too, new Syberia game is coming, check out Steam.

    1. i know, i subscribed and have demo version

  4. Be advised that the “spawn” patch is causing no traffic whatsoever…

    1. this is not true. plug in the mod HYPER TRAFFIC or BRUTAL TRAFFIC below this fix and you will see that there is actually traffic

    2. spawn patch are updated

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