Shelby GT500


The mod is in its BETA version, contains some bugs that will be corrected in the future
The mod has its own interior, two engine sounds, and three engines
The car is at Kenworth dealership
Any bug you find, report please

Model by: Forza Motorsport 3 Conversion by: Gambarotto


19 thoughts on “Shelby GT500

  1. You’r not allowed to use part of sound of the F150 SVT Raptor mod. Make your own sound.

    1. Free Modds

      My Gosh man..its a fing MOD, you greedy little cockroaches hate to share don’t you! I share ALL MY mod data and we get better mods, but you mod police ###### should go play with the children you act like!
      Thanks for the mod Gambarotto and ignore the mod police chumps!

      1. Ok so i waste my time to make sound for a mod and anyone can stole my work. No prob with it ?

    2. @Mahad110 Do you have a licence to prove your “copyrights”?

  2. Gambarotto

    Yes, I will, I’m just looking for some videos on Youtube to do it

  3. Will.P skins


  4. Good job. ;)

  5. Nice mod. But a few things need to be improved. Here’s the list
    1. No sound at all (engine, horn, braking, gearing etc)
    2. Odometers, digital display
    3. Interior too bright from outside, you can make the windows a bit tinted.

    That’s all, hope you fixed it.

  6. I+can’t+find+the+car+in+the+Kenworth+shop.

  7. How do I install this? Like where do I put the scs file?

    1. Elite_Phantom

      You put it in Documents/American Truck Simulator/mod

  8. It crashes the game once i click on the Kenworth tab on “buy online” anyone know a solution?

    1. Same :/

  9. 1.29?

  10. Hey! I have a problem with wheels
    When i use the mod front tires get huge like trucks when i change them the game lags

  11. Sirve ara la 1.30.01

  12. Mine+crashes+too,+any+solutions?

  13. I+put+it+into+my+mod+folder+got+in+game+but+the+car+just+literally+isn’t+there.+Not+in+any+dealership.

  14. I can’t find it in the Kenworth dealship, help.

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