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SGate Weather Mod v 1.1

Date 2016-06-16 16:06

Weather-Mod-2 Weather-Mod-1

– Added the moon.
– Edits in lighting.
– Edits HDR. (If you did not like the setup, replace the previous version with hdr.sii file)
– and other…

Author: SGate


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9 Responses to SGate Weather Mod v 1.1

  1. XTad

    I wonder why nobody ever desaturated the color of the sky because it looks absolutely ridiculous and it was the first thing which caught my eye.

  2. Brummi

    DANKE , DANKE , DANKE . Sehr gut .

  3. DI3S3L

    No.1 weather/graphics mod for me and for my game! Thanks the update, this mod cames better and better!

    I adapted all the skyboxes from ATS to ETS2 and i use your mod in ETS2 with my custom HDR settings, and it’s awesome!

  4. Piva

    Вполне так нормально смотрится.

  5. хороший мод, красивая ночь. спасибо.

  6. Goosy

    Best weather mod. Thank you.

  7. Marko76

    Very good, thank you! Please update for newest mexuscan map.

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