SGate Weather Mod v 0.1.2

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Version 0.1.2:
* Removed from toning w900.
* The night is dark.
* Changed HDR night.
* Fixed lighting in the morning and evening.
* Reconfigure DOF.
* Minor edits.


Author: SGate

DOWNLOAD 11 MB [Sharemods]

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9 thoughts on “SGate Weather Mod v 0.1.2

  1. Thank u for the update again! This is the absolutely No.1 graphics mod for me! ;)

  2. Amazing job, thaks SGate

  3. nice one !! Thank you SGate

  4. Перекачайте с официального сайта, обнаружилась ошибка с HDR днем.

    1. Link updated!

  5. Get really bad blue and green flare on my white truck so stopped using, maybe you can fix this as is one of the better graphics mods if it wasnt for that issue.

    1. download again

  6. you can do this for ETS2 please? Thank you.

  7. bigtall10

    This is indeed the best weather mod for ATS so far. Great color balance across the board! And when paired with SweetFX, BOOM! REALITY ALL AROUND! Thank you for this mod!

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