SCS Steam Punk Skin for VNL 670 ATS (Aradeth)

This skin is created by SCS Software and reworked by me to fit VNL670 by Aradeth.
I made this skin 2 years ago and found it today and decided to share.
Skin resolution is 4096*4096

Note: “SCS VNL670” and “VNL670 by Aradeth” have completely different skin templates/UV layout.
Here is the PSD file if you want to check or make your own edits.
PSD file download Link:

SCS, Aradeth


6 thoughts on “SCS Steam Punk Skin for VNL 670 ATS (Aradeth)

  1. Wait, you said “SCS VNL670” that means SCS will release an official VNL670 to ATS? When will it be released if I may know?

  2. Deputydawg

    So this is essentially copyright infringement as it uses SCS made content REPORTED!.

    1. Dude, you’re really dumb, you know that?! This skin is taken from SCS DLC (Steampunk) and it links to Aradeth’s VNL for ATS. Where is the copyright infringement since EVERYBODY is doing this kind of things with the files from SCS in order to release better mods?!

      1. Deputydawg

        You just said it yourself, it was taken from the steampunk DLC which was created by SCS so that means unless the person had permission to modify it and make it available for other trucks, he’s committing copyright infringement. Copyright infringement doesn’t have to do with the name steampunk, but the skin itself.

        1. Well, I won’t argue further with you because the mod isn’t working with Aradeth’s VNL, so now I also hope it will be taken off the website.

          1. Both of you just fools. Skin is working. And this is a mod, not a payware dlc. So there is nothing wrong with that. It must be so hard to be your parents. Congrats to your parent for their patience. If you were my child, i would kill you in a second.

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