Schneider National skin


Schneider National is one of the larger American trucking companies. They run almost exclusively Freightliners, but until Freightliners are in the game I will have to skin the trucks that are in-game. The decals are authentic to the truck company, and the day cab has the appropriate intermodal stickers. And there is an Easter egg on the deck behind the cab on the mid-roof and high-rise cabs. This skin is for the Kenworth T680, but version 2 will include the Peterbilt 579, and be out in a few days.



5 thoughts on “Schneider National skin

  1. Arthur Vince NL

    Nice one thanks!! ..but what about those footsteps?

    1. Truckers have ##### feet, I thought it would be an interesting detail. It gives the impression that someone has been up on the deck.

      I uploaded a third picture of the two other cabs. I dont know why it is only showing these two. I would have preferred the other pic, if I could only have two.

  2. very nice work mate

  3. The Stig's Truck Driving American Cousin

    Boot Prints, nice.

  4. Schneider Trailer Pleaseeeee

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