Schneider National Skin v 2.0 (T680 + 579)

Schneider-1 Schneider-2

UPDATE: Version 2.0 includes BOTH the Kenworth T680 and the Peterbilt 579, all cab variants.

Schneider National is one of the larger American trucking companies. They run almost exclusively Freightliners, but until Freightliners are available in the game I will have to skin the trucks that are in-game. The decals are authentic to the truck company, and the day cab has the appropriate intermodal stickers. And there is an Easter egg on the deck behind the cab on the mid-roof and high-rise cabs.

Author: Dogface


9 thoughts on “Schneider National Skin v 2.0 (T680 + 579)

  1. nice work !

    1. Thank you. :)

      I have done skins for myself before, but this is my first Mod-Manager ready skin pack. It took about a week of work, all day every day. I put in a lot of little touches.

  2. It’s looks nice man but I think the Orange is a little to dark. Schneider trucks are about as bright an orange as a traffic cone

    1. Have you taken it into the sunlight? The color is dark in the garage, but brightens up a lot outside. Note the posted pics.

      AND you can change the color in the game if you want to (I do not recommend it tho).

  3. Very nice.. Do you have the Freightliner Century? It would look good with these skins on it as well as a little older Schnider truck,

    1. No, I dont have it, but I just looked up the mod. Very nice. There are a lot of those in the Schneider fleet. I think I will stick to modding stock ATS trucks tho. That way I know everyone has the truck in-game.

  4. Schneider Nat Inc

    thank you god!!! best one ever i work as a intermodal driver down in chicago and i have to say this is pure amazing thanks very much for this. it makes the game so much better. were the rubber meets the rail. now just for their intermodal containers or even dry van trailers would be awsome!

    1. Your are very welcome. I was not sure anyone would even know that day-cabs should be intermodal. I am glad the extra realism was appreciated.

      I have done ETS2 trailers, but havent figured out ATS yet. I will get to that eventually. In the meantime, here is one stock orange container in the game tho.

      FYI: the Steam Workshop version now has the w900 with a vintage skin.

  5. Looks like there is a Schneider dry van already. There is no 53ft container in-game, but there are a few mods.

    Wabash Duraplate Dryvan.
    Version 1.1 – released mod and included 60 skins

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