SCANIA Trucks Mod v4.3 for ATS (by Frkn64)

Available trucks in the mod: Scania R 2009 – Scania Streamline – Scania R 2016 – Scania S 2016
– All trucks completely converted from ETS 2 without any bugs.
– Supports Advanced Trailer Coupling feature.
– Supports Trailer Cables feature.
– Supports Mod Dealer. (See the screenshots to learn how to buy a Scania using the Mod Dealer.)
– Compatible with VOLVO FH16 Trucks Mod for ATS, they can work together.

This mod was tested many times and no issues found. If you get an error while using this mod, you should know that it is not caused by this mod, but from other mods you use. You can try again by disabling all other mods.
Update 4.3 is out. Changelog:
– Fixed incorrect chrome textures on stock ATS rims.
– Fixed confusions with wheel tuning options.

Please read the terms below before using our mods. By downloading and using our mods, you agree to these terms.
– Do not copy any data from mods.
– Do not edit/change mod files unless necessary.
– If you edit/change mod files, do not share them with anyone.
– Do not upload mod files to websites.
If you want to share the mod on the web, you must comply with our mod sharing terms. Terms available here:

Frkn64 Modding, SCS Software

DOWNLOAD 133 MB [Mirror]

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12 thoughts on “SCANIA Trucks Mod v4.3 for ATS (by Frkn64)

  1. Please convert Mercedes Benz trucks to ATS too:(

  2. George waide prinsloo

    Guys I downloaded this mod and when I want to extract the file it asks for a password does anybody know what’s the password

  3. Big Pete379

    Why on Earth would we want a Scamia in ATS ?
    We got Real Trucks in America

    What the h*ll is the world Coming to

    1. Then don’t download it, ya gaslighting son of a klansman!

  4. Drak Boler

    Why you can convert the truck, but can’t make it with all tuning parts? Most of this is missing.

  5. Junior 2021

    Muchas gracias, gracias a este mod eh podido vivir la experiencia de el ETS

    1. hola bro, como se instala el mod??

  6. Ivan Galvis

    tengo a versión 1.40 y me gustaría tener un Scania, cuando lo suben parala versión 1.40, les agradecería mucho que lo subieran porfa.

  7. ATS / SCANiA Trucks (Colorado Yolculuk) [1.41]

  8. Don’t ya just love when someone takes there gaming so seriously!. hey dude if you love yanky trucks so much why the hell don’t you drive them and you’ll find scania actually makes a great road train, as that’s my real life job. when im not off work cause i lost my license.
    When will this great mod be updated as i was playing it on previous updates, and it doesn’t work anymore, and when i got Mexico d\l it, it updated automatically ??????

  9. Hi. Thanks for the mod. Works great in v1.42.

    Only distracting issue is the cabin itself looks too dark, like the mod itself is not fully compatible with the current game lighting system.

  10. challenger

    please update to v1.43

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