Scania Trucks Mod v 2.1 – by Frkn64

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Available trucks in the mod: Scania R 2009 – Scania Streamline – Scania R 2016 – Scania S 2016
– All trucks completely converted from ETS 2 without any bugs.
– Supports Advanced Trailer Coupling feature.
– Supports Trailer Cables feature.
– Supports Mod Dealer. (See the screenshots to learn how to buy a Scania using the Mod Dealer.)

This mod was tested many times and no issues found. If you get an error while using this mod, you should know that it is not caused by this mod, but from other mods you use. You can try again by disabling all other mods
– Added support for 1.35 update.
– Removed Scania Truck Dealer.
– Added Mod Dealer support.
– Removed Scania trucks from AI traffic.
– Minor bug fixes

Please respect our work by following these rules;
– If you want to share the mod on other websites, share with the original download links below.
– Don’t re-upload the mod to any cloud storage website.
– If you edit the mod files, don’t share it on the web. Keep it only on your computer.
Thanks for your attention.

Frkn64 Modding, SCS Software

DOWNLOAD 171 MB [Sharemods]
DOWNLOAD 171 MB [Modsbase]

9 thoughts on “Scania Trucks Mod v 2.1 – by Frkn64

  1. Great ! Waited something like that (4×2 europeans to ride at all) thank you very much !

    (so if you can give us Renault/Mack AE/Magnum it can be wonderfull tooooo)

  2. Is there no difference between this and the steam version?

  3. why drive an European Truck in USA ??
    no comment

    1. You said “no comment” but you’re already commented here…
      If you’re not interested, just ignore it. More than 50K people loves and uses this mod.

  4. I like it very much, thanks a lot

  5. Help, after I have pressed access mod dealer, I can only press the customize configuration button but the purchase button doesn’t work.

  6. Where can I buy it?

  7. David Brooks


  8. Mod dealer not find Scania !!!

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