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Save Game New Mexico

Date 2017-12-02 16:48

This is the save game for ATS. 39.99% Map Discovered. All Garages bought.
– Money $ 1,001,589,702,565,-
– Truck 16
– Driver 16
– Level 137006
– Profit per weeks $ 963.226,-



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6 Responses to Save Game New Mexico

  1. CarCat

    Sooo… Does this include NM Map? If so, this mod needs to be taken down immediately.

  2. Chief86

    its a saved game with New Mexico does not included the actual dlc. plus i canot use it cause its asking WOT account login so its pretty much a useless profile save.

    • Deputydawg

      It’s only useless if you’re using a pirated version of American Truck Simulator so if you have a legit version it’s not useless.

  3. JayCadilak

    This is useless whether or not it works. Downloading this is going full retard.

  4. michael

    dumb stupid mod

  5. Damien

    Cant use it asking for login and i have legal verison of the game

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