Save Game New Mexico

This is the save game for ATS. 39.99% Map Discovered. All Garages bought.
– Money $ 1,001,589,702,565,-
– Truck 16
– Driver 16
– Level 137006
– Profit per weeks $ 963.226,-



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6 thoughts on “Save Game New Mexico

  1. Sooo… Does this include NM Map? If so, this mod needs to be taken down immediately.

  2. its a saved game with New Mexico does not included the actual dlc. plus i canot use it cause its asking WOT account login so its pretty much a useless profile save.

    1. Deputydawg

      It’s only useless if you’re using a pirated version of American Truck Simulator so if you have a legit version it’s not useless.

  3. JayCadilak

    This is useless whether or not it works. Downloading this is going full ######.

  4. dumb ###### mod

  5. Cant use it asking for login and i have legal verison of the game

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