Route Advisor

mod – Route_Advisor_26.03.2019.scs for ATS and ETS2

This mod changes the position of the road advisor in cabine the trucks ATS and ETS2
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by bobo58 / 26.03.2019



5 thoughts on “Route Advisor

    I’ve been hoping for this one for a long time, thank you …

  2. Nice job on the advisor, but on the top bar the word Current is out of alignment on the top to the left a small fix and the mirrors are bit large (no frame and smaller) and would be nice with no frame around map as well. Overall nice job.


    1. Use this, put it above the route advisor mod in the priorities, it will fix your peoblem

  3. thanks for the answer but not what is needed the Advisor has and error in the top bar when you cycle through and (Current) is out of alignment just a bit) and the F2 mirrors nice but could be smaller and with no frame as well, and no frame around the map area as well. I do not want to remove side mirrors on truck ( pointless ).
    so this is not a fix >> it just removes side mirrors.

  4. pues todo muy vien pero solo estubiera mucho mejor si pudieran quitar el molesto cuadro amarillo para que sevea todo trasparente y hacer un poco mas grande el espejo derecho porque es un poco mas pequeño que el izquierdo son los pequiños detalles

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