Rotating roof camera v2 for ATS

Simple mod that allows you to rotate the roof camera the same way as the interior camera.

What's new in v2?

* Improved camera positions with 3 height configurations to better suit your trucks.
* Added suggestions on which mod to use (see the image attached to the .rar).
* Mod tested successfully in v1.43x, v1.42x, v1.41x, v1.40x and v1.37x.
* Additional files for older versions of the game (tested in v1.36x).
* Minor changes in the mod description.

To install:

* Copy the desired file to your ETS2 mod folder located inside your documents folder
(C:\Users\USER\Documents\Euro Truck Simulator 2\mod).
* Start the game, go to the mod manager and activate the mod by double clicking it. Only activate one file.
* Enjoy the scenery!

Credits: SCS, John Wolf


9 thoughts on “Rotating roof camera v2 for ATS

  1. Apologies for the mistake at the end of the description, it says ETS2 but it IS for ATS. Have fun!

  2. Good job!The next…..dashcam please:)

  3. Hello,
    What to say a big thank you and congratulations, a modder like you this rare fact, adapting the mod on an old version of the game.

    I’m currently driving a Mack mod with Medium version 1.36 it’s great, the camera shot on this truck is good.

    Good continuation to you mr John Wolf ;)

    1. I’m glad it’s working for you! have fun my friend.

  4. Thank you, good game to you too, looking forward to reviewing one of your mod works.

  5. This and another similar mod on Steam cause CTD with 1.44. Can you update this?

  6. Is this mod good for ATS 1.44?

    1. No, it causes CTD upon game load.

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