Rogers FG65L 3X Trailer 2014 v 1.0 [1.32.x]

– Standalone;
– Cable support;
– 7 of their goods and is an excellent platform;
– Not bought into the property.

petercar379 (Corey) – Wheels , Zetor165Maxterra – Trailer and Cargo’s ,Smarty – Air Lines , KeithD – Updating to 1.32 Freight Market


4 thoughts on “Rogers FG65L 3X Trailer 2014 v 1.0 [1.32.x]

  1. Richard Heade

    Is this an update to the trailer from 2014 that TRAYSCAPES TRUCKING did for ATS?

  2. upload in another host like sharemod, plz

  3. REVIEW:

  4. This mods to not works, it’s too bad to download, provide sharemods is very better to download.

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