Roadways Luminous for all Versions ATS & ETS2

This mod adapts to all the versions of ats & ets2 enjoy traveling the highways of your game now with more luminosity.



5 thoughts on “Roadways Luminous for all Versions ATS & ETS2

  1. TomDooley

    This looks a little TRON

  2. Looks+like+TRON+and+the+22nd+Century.

  3. Daredevil_Gamer

    I bet the modder who did this got the idea from a real life highway in the Netherlands. The unveiling of this concept was brought to life in 2012. There is an article from 2014 that talks about it. This only exists on a stretch of roadway that doesn’t have any streetlights. If you would like to read about it, here you go…

  4. Works for ETS 2 in ATS 2 not works on main roads.

  5. Help here how to install the mod onto ats it is not a scs file

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