Roadhunter 58 Overweight Trailer Pack V1


American Truck Simulator 1.1.xx

Roadhunter Heavy Transport Pack

58 Standalone Trailer in one Pack Version 1.0

Only Low-Loader ( Doll and Faymonville), Long (Broshuis) and Semi-Trailer ( Fliegl, Krone Jumbo )

Authors: Roadhunter and many more


17 thoughts on “Roadhunter 58 Overweight Trailer Pack V1

  1. seems nice! thanks

  2. is it compatible with the doll vario trailerpackage ?

  3. Not so good at all the 2 Cat mining truck stuck in the tunnel, the BIG cat mining truck is too heavy so you need a what 5000 HP engine or what ???
    This trailer pack need serious rework to be a GOOD & BUG FREE trailer pack.

  4. doesn’t sound like a bug, just plan your driving as one do IRL with these kind of hauling, haven’t driven all of them yet, but most of them works really nice….

    Great package !

  5. Getting crashes when exiting freight market…any ideas to fix?

    1. no problems in job market, are you doing quick jobs ?

  6. ILikUrFace

    Awesome work,game runs perfect <3

  7. just minor points, please replace few left over default game imaginary company skins on tanker and few other traler with real-world ones. ond few companies you added for example wind mill and lift truck havent got busines in USA so they need replace too and also i requaest variation trailer branding in addition to linde with makes forklift Toyota, Nissan, linde and Caterpillar also please make forlklifts cargo with them and excavator Hitachi and caterpillar, …otherwise a great mod

  8. _Classic_

    I had to remove, Trailer Pack Overweight V1, in order to stop a crash at the freight screen so that I could try this. Other than that it runs perfect. These trailers were a real challenge in the narrow streets of Europe, but the wide roads of USA will cause no problem. 550 hp is what I’m using and a bit of effort in the route planning stage for the tall loads.
    Great pack, well recommended.


    1. _Classic_

      OK. I placed the TPO V1 at the top of the tree, ahead of the Roadhunter Overweight Trailer Pack and now everything works fine.
      So far no problem with clearances, or lack of power from the 389 Pete.

      Great trailers.


  9. collision zones need to be checked on the cranes cannot get under any of the stock Bridges

  10. every time I make the mod active and then go into the game, it crashes. take it out and it works fine.

  11. mickeyd33

    works absolutely fine, i allready did more than 30.000 miles with all of the trailers on the coast to coast map from mantrid without any glitch at all.i like some more trailers, and a few more of the 75 ton trailers :p
    a peterbilt 389 with 600-700Hp works and drives absolutely fine with even the most heavy trailer (75tons mining dump truck)

  12. are there plans to update this for the latest game update?

  13. working good in 1.2.x version of ATS

  14. please reduce scs mod so far is so big and need more space in drive. please update for 1.3.x game version

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