R+L Carriers trailer skin


R+L Carriers trailer skin. Replaces Charged long box trailer. I work there so that’s why I made it. First skin I’ve ever made, think it turned out ok except the black parts. Not sure why it’s like that.

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4 thoughts on “R+L Carriers trailer skin

  1. I work for R+L Carriers and this is NOTHING close to what our trailers look like. Please go to google, look up trailer design from company & update this…

  2. We also use the small trailers too. Make skin for those if you can as well. Also, we have RL or Rail Ready trailers. It has R+L Carriers on it with a white background.

  3. That is by far the most halfassed skin I’ve seen.

  4. Like I said this is my first mod ever. If it doesn’t suit you just move on. Plenty of other mods for you to criticize. Thanks.

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