RJL Scania R, Streamline and T for ATS v1.0

Visit our website to see more images of the mod: https://en.frkn64modding.com/rjl-scania-r-streamline-t-for-ats/
This mod adds RJL’s Scania R, Streamline and T trucks to ATS.
– Completely converted from ETS2 version of the mod without any bugs.
– Supports Advanced Trailer Coupling feature
– Supports Trailer Cables feature
– Supports Mod Dealer

About RJL Scania T
RJL Scania T is available as an optional add-on and cannot work without the main RJL Scania mod. It must be placed above the main RJL Scania R & Streamline mod in the Mod Manager to work properly.

Please read the terms below before using our mods. By downloading and using our mods, you agree to these terms.
– Do not copy any data from mods.
– Do not edit/change mod files unless necessary.
– If you edit/change mod files, do not share them with anyone.
– Do not upload mod files to websites.
If you want to share the mod on the web, you must comply with our mod sharing terms. Terms available here: https://wp.me/Pabewx-1F1

RJL, Frkn64, Taron


7 thoughts on “RJL Scania R, Streamline and T for ATS v1.0

  1. I down loaded this truck, put it in the mod manager, got it all put together and no engine sounds.
    You might want to check that and fix it.
    It was the RJL Long. I like Scania trucks, please fix it.

    1. Hallo ich mochte disen mod

  2. Tomas Rodriguez

    I downloaded it and I got brake errors (No audio) also the engines have operating problems

  3. There is a solution for the error no engine sound of RJL Scania Streamline just download the Scania Trucks mod 4.0 for ATS. Because the engine DC16 103 730 Euro 6 came from Scania S 2016 originally that I just noticed.

  4. Tried this mod out, turns out theres no engine sounds and the cab bounces violently lol hopefully this will be updated soon!

  5. the mod works correctly only without mods for physics, the cockpit does not shake and there is no swing.

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