Richardsons Skin for the Kenworth T908


Richardsons Skin for the T908

More skins available on my website for the T908 an many other Trucks all free of charge.

Facebook link on website



12 thoughts on “Richardsons Skin for the Kenworth T908

  1. puffitheone

    What wheels are on the truck.Nice skin btw

    1. They was private wheels mate sorry…….and thank you

      1. puffitheone

        Hm…ok,they would looks cool on Pete also.I saw this on your site

        1. contact me on facebook page mate

          1. puffitheone

            Sorry don´t have Facebook…and will not.make no circumstances
            No matter,life goes on ;-)

          2. whats ya facebook mate

    2. link to mod wheels i use are on my website now

      1. puffitheone

        Thanks man,these rims are awesome…you´re the best

  2. tale screenshot of it in ats !

  3. @Pauly do you know someway to modified tanks capacity? beacuse I see this truck have huge tanks but it carry few galons

  4. scania_dragon

    where can I found the kenworth T908 Truck? It’s not here!

  5. Jeff cena


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