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Reshade for Default Weather & MP

Date 2017-06-03 15:42

Reshade For Default Weather & MP

– Removes yellow cast and adds brightness, Reshade tuned specifically for the default weather and without the use of HDR
– Will appeal primarily to those who play multiplayer or default
– Works in MP

Tested 1.6.x



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5 Responses to Reshade for Default Weather & MP

  1. chashkin23

    Спасибо! То чего не хватало.

  2. theodoros79

    How do i install it?

  3. iamDude

    Worm tones – OFF
    Cold tones -ON

  4. Stan Smith

    Work like a charm keep goigng thank u

  5. Stan Smith

    Man after 3 day use cause conflict when i run the game, any solution ?i instal de files in bin x64 my sistem win 10 x 64 thank u

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