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Improved windshields 1.1

Date 2017-06-01 20:04

Key features:

Mod adds HD dirt and cracks effects on the windshields;
Effects are seen from both interior and exterior view;
All vanilla trucks are supported;
Clean log.

Search for a new windshields in co-driver plates!!!

Tested on ver. 1.6.x of ATS. Compatibility with older versions is not guaranteed! Please keep original download link!

Changelog for version 1.1
-PMG models converted to new versions to fix yellow errors in game log;
-Added support for Peterbilt 389;
-Improved textures.

All my mods are free to download and will be distributed this way in the future too. However, If you appreciate what i`m doing and want to support my work, you can transfer any amount of money, using PayPal on this email: [email protected]
All donations are voluntarily! Every donation counts! Thank you!

AlexeyP, SCS Software


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3 Responses to Improved windshields 1.1

  1. Norman

    How do u install it? theres no scs file.

  2. Ways71

    Excellent, Adds more realism to the game. Please keep making more mods that focus on the smallest details in trucking!

  3. Crimson foxx

    Is there any chance at all please that the options could also be available on the driver side plate node? I always have a plate at the passenger side and i would love to use both the passenger side plate and driver side dirt :)

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