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Uncle D Logistics VTC ATS 3000 & Long Refer Trailer

Date 2017-06-03 15:43

Disclaimer: I will not be responsible for any mod conflicts with other trailer packs as always with SCS sim products. This trailer will repaint all 3000 default trailer skins. Use at your own discretion.

“Uncle D”

Uncle D Studios/Sebastian Strobel


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3 Responses to Uncle D Logistics VTC ATS 3000 & Long Refer Trailer

  1. Default_Modder

    I would gladly make this standalone, I do need the OK from you.
    My email is: [email protected]

  2. Thanks I’ll hit you up

  3. Sorry guys/gals but as I said I did not build this mod and yes it’s not 100% right, good news is this trailer is being redone as we speak and this time it will be stand alone and hopefully not covering up all the other default company paints and bleeding through paints, I will upload the new version to this same download link so all you’ll have to do is re-download the new one and this time hopefully the files will be in the correct order and I will be also placing this trailer in the SCS workshop for those who can’t deal with the online download sites pop up [email protected]#[email protected]! Stay tuned for the update when you drivers can download the new version…..sorry bout his guys/gals but we working on the fix asap!

    “Uncle D”

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