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Reflective Vests for all drivers v 1.0

Date 2016-07-19 09:49

Reflective-Vests-for-all-drivers-2 Reflective-Vests-for-all-drivers-1

Reflective vest for all drivers (he or she)
For games ATS – Test and lower (any version)

Authors: “Casu97, Karen Grigoryan, Vladimir1203


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5 Responses to Reflective Vests for all drivers v 1.0

  1. vladislav

    can you wear black sunglasses for drivers?

  2. Raptor05121

    Just a note, in America, we don’t wear these and we laugh at anyone who does.

    • Nis

      In my country, truckers don’t wear these vests either. Only if your’e changing tires in the middle of the night or something.. It’s only a Europe thing.

  3. what truck is that 1st picture?

  4. RCT RCT

    only swift and knight and other noob driver wear these i think its a joke why do u need inside your truck

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