Reflective Vests for all drivers v 1.0

Reflective-Vests-for-all-drivers-2 Reflective-Vests-for-all-drivers-1

Reflective vest for all drivers (he or she)
For games ATS – Test and lower (any version)

Authors: “Casu97, Karen Grigoryan, Vladimir1203


5 thoughts on “Reflective Vests for all drivers v 1.0

  1. vladislav

    can you wear black sunglasses for drivers?

  2. Raptor05121

    Just a note, in America, we don’t wear these and we laugh at anyone who does.

    1. In my country, truckers don’t wear these vests either. Only if your’e changing tires in the middle of the night or something.. It’s only a Europe thing.

  3. what truck is that 1st picture?

  4. only swift and knight and other noob driver wear these i think its a joke why do u need inside your truck

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