Redding and Albuquerque Terminal mod

This is a company Terminal mod. It will replace the original shop, If you don’t own it buy it and upgrade it to the big garage. I only have 2 dlc maps Arizona and Nevada. feel free to improve it as this is my first mod. I have no problem with anyone improving and re uploading. I do not have the gas pump working i placed it is more a looks thing,I may change that down the road. Please let me know what you think.

update add
sleeping spots in parking lot
gas pumps working
some lights
stop sign



3 thoughts on “Redding and Albuquerque Terminal mod

  1. bigtallTrucker

    This is a great mod! Please continue working on it. This is how SCS should have, at least, made the home-base garage! Now I’m solely operating out of Albuquerque.
    Here’s a few thinks you can add to the large garage space.
    – More 3D models like dump sites, gas containers, drums, etc.
    – a section under construction, with workers and equipment
    – a functional scale
    – benches

  2. PJ Drives

    Dude you are my favourite modder right now!


    this mod is fully NOT COMPATIBLE with any maps what change the default game area (include DLC area). in replace any changes

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