Red dashboard backlight for Peterbilt 389 by SCS

This simple mod changes the dashboard backlight from orange to red.

Only for Peterbilt 389 by SCS
Works on 1.32 beta



3 thoughts on “Red dashboard backlight for Peterbilt 389 by SCS

  1. Hi! This mod would be perfect for me and I really want to download it.
    Thing is,it only works on the version 1.32 right?! I’m currently on 1.38, could you possibly change the mod’s version to 1.38? (and higher for the future)
    Also,could you possibly change the versions for all the “interior backlight for Peterbilt 389” mods that you have made?
    You know, the light blue, deep blue and the green ones. PLEASE, I really want to use them in my game! :D All the best, and good luck for everything !

    1. Actually, nothing to worry about! Everythings perfect :D Great mod, thank you! :)

  2. It does not work well in 1.42, but does not allow to open the windows!

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