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Realistics Xenon Lights

Date 2021-08-04 09:04

This mod includes:

– Xenon lights for all SCS standard player trucks
– Blue reflection from objects
– Increased visibility
– Real light cone

D.B Creation Dev-Team


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4 Responses to Realistics Xenon Lights

  1. Darnell Metcalf

    Download link does not work

  2. Warren D Bamesberger

    This is an ad for premium content. This is not a free download.

  3. Al

    Yes one more time a premium link from this user. Can you ban this user??

  4. MonsterCookie

    Lol guys, link works, you don’t have to pay
    Click “free access” under “direct access with premium”
    After that, click on article that appeared on left side of web-page.
    Click ‘X’ on that window, and wait countdown. After countdown is complete, press X again, and click “continue”.

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