Realistic Traffic Mod v2.1 [1.6.1.x]

v2.1 of Realistic Traffic mod . The Mod has evolved and now offers more features .
Still WIP , trying to balance stats .
Works with latest version of ATS (1.6.1.x)

Features :
Adds More traffic
Traffic acts randomly
Rush hour traffic from 6 A.M to 9 A.M – 3 P.M – 6 P.M
Should run smooth on Medium PC’s Too

Huge Thanks to a fellow friend Mr . Favignano for testing and using Previous Versions .

NOTE : Version 2.2 will come soon .

SCS , therealone , (Feedback – Jeff Favignano)


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2 thoughts on “Realistic Traffic Mod v2.1 [1.6.1.x]

  1. Bravo! Perfect work! Go ahead!

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