Realistic Rain v4.5.1 [1.47]


- Removed "automat" folder (not needed in current version)
- Removed "Decal" folder (not needed)
- The description file was updated
- Other minor tweaks



- Improved textures of raindrops from inside cabin (windshield & windows) higher resolution and better defined textures
- Increased the amount of raindrops on the windshield and windows
- Better textures of the 'exterior rain', better transparency and shorter "lines"
- Improved the effects and behavior of raindrops on the windshield and windows
- Improved textures & effect for particles/spray of the wheels when the asphalt is wet (Truck player and AI Traffic)
- Dynamic sounds of rain. Effects, attenuations and transitions according to the intensity of the rain
- High quality thunder sounds. Around 20 various sounds, including delay between 1 and 5 seconds, simulating IRL.

Note: The number of raindrops on windows will vary depending on the intensity and the direction of the rain (controlled by the game)


- Support for FMOD Sound Engine
- Compatible with all trucks, all DLC's and Mods Maps (ProMods...)
- Compatible with Sound Fixes Pack by Drive Safely
- Compatible with 'Optional mod' for Convoy Mode
- Tested with Default Weather (SCS) and Weather mod by Juninho944

Note: You should know that Autumn Seasons By Grimes disables thunder and high intensity rain. The lack of these aspects is not from 'Realistic Rain' mod.


- Must have high priority in Mod Manager. Realistic Rain ABOVE/ON TOP of Weathers/Graphics, Maps and Sound mods.
- Recommended: Turn off the 'reverb effect of the cabin' in the audio settings.

Main Author: Darkcaptain Thanks for FMOD Tool Guides: Robinicus, Drive Safely Thanks for the help in old versions: Cip, Frkn64, AlexeyP Thanks for support: Antoniopua, Stropher, silberfuchs, Shyfty221, Fox (F.L.B.), Guize M.M


DOWNLOAD 8 MB [mirror]

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