Realistic Rain v3.5.1 [for 1.37]


– Fixed smoke effect (Chimneys, factories etc …)
– Improved dirt/smoke particles of wheels
– Other minor adjusts (windshield effects and water particles)
– Improved some thunder sounds


– Realistic textures of raindrops from inside cabin (windshield & windows)
– Greater amount of raindrops from inside cabin (windshield & windows)
– Improved textures of rain
– Realistic windshield effects
– Improved water particles of the wheels (Truck and AI Traffic)
– Realistic rain sounds from inside cabin & outside view
– Realistic & high quality thunders sounds
– Greater variety in thunder sounds (more than 12 different thunders sounds)


– RECOMMENDED use Sound Fixes Pack Mod for a better experience! Place Realistic Rain above SFP in priority
– 1.37.x (DirectX11). No errors in game log
– Compatible with All DLC’s and it should work with Mods Maps
– Compatible with other Weathers/Graphics Mods


– Must have high priority in Mod Manager. Realistic Rain ABOVE of Weathers/Graphics, Maps and Sound mods.


Darkcaptain, Frkn64, Cip
Thanks for support & feedback: Antoniopua, Stropher, pere_powa, adrian_xta, Japp

Forum support, questions and original download link:


Darkcaptain, Frkn64, Cipinho


2 thoughts on “Realistic Rain v3.5.1 [for 1.37]

  1. Michael Soto

    Buenas, este mod es totalmente aparte de de Frkn64 de Realistic Grhaphics 5.0?, es recomendable usar junto a este mod?, muchas gracias y admiro mucho su trabajo, sigan así

  2. Hola Michael, si, este Mod es independiente del Mod RGM de Frkn64, puede utilizar ambos, solo tiene que colocar Realistic Rain por encima (en prioridad) de cualquier Mod grafico, weather y de sonido :)

    Hi Michael, yes, this Mod is independent of the Frkn64 Mod (RGM), you can use both, just put Realistic Rain on top (in priority) of any graphic, weather and sound Mod :)

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