Realistic Police Mod


Changes made to fine rates to match California and Federal (US) penalties. Probability of getting fined has been altered to better represent real world driving. (Picture provided is not representative)

Author: kenpoman15


6 thoughts on “Realistic Police Mod

  1. Trucker_bob


    1. kenpoman15

      I can make a vid within the next couple of days :)

  2. Tanner69046

    What all does it add, can you be more specific?

  3. I like the idea, but since using this mod I’m no longer getting any speeding fines, even running 75 through Cali blowing by cops.

  4. kenpoman15

    Sorry I havent been on lately to check on the comments, Ill fix it this weekend and reupload it with some different probabilities. Also @Tanner it doesnt add anything to the game it changes the fines to be more genuine to the US/California laws

  5. not getting tickets at all

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