Realistic Graphics v1.0

This mod replaces textures for roads of ALL states in ATS
Adapted Active Roll Control(ARC) system
Improved interior camera movements
Realistic suspension springing
Realistic cab shaking
This mod modifies the mirror FOV to a more realistic setting (lower FOV)
Replaces the texture of some trees



2 thoughts on “Realistic Graphics v1.0

  1. trainguy_gaming

    Can you replace the other tree textures :)

  2. I really liked your graphics mod but… it froze ATS up so bad I’d sit and wait up to 3 minutes for it to start running again. After deactivating it ATS is running with no stutters or freezing up. I’m running my AMD Rizen 5 at 4.2GB with 32GB of RAM. I hope you can find what’s causing it, and no one else is having the same problem. If there’s a fix, I will run it again.

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