Realistic Environment v2.0


This mod desaturates and removes some of the brightness from the terrain, grass, rocks and vegetation to give a more realistic look to the game. Some tree models have also been changed.

Compatibility Latest Version: 1.5, 1.4

Compatible with maps.

Changes in 2.0
Updated for 1.5 rescale



14 thoughts on “Realistic Environment v2.0

  1. Tankrehdee

    Are there any before/after screenshots to evaluate?

    1. It removes that bright yellowness that I really don’t like, you can see the difference from the screenshots below, first one is before, second one is after.

  2. God ####, you know how long I’ve been waiting for you to do something for ATS? A while lol, thank you :)

    1. Thanks mate

      1. Do you have an email I could shoot you a message at? I have a quick question about how graphics mods work in this game and theres not many people at all that know how they work. Thanks a bunch!

        1. If you head over to the SCS Forum you can contact me there.

  3. Finnaly man :))) THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THIS!!!
    i wait for this mod SINCE EVER!!!:)
    NOW, can you PLEASE? do a WINTER MOD?? :) if you have time? :)
    PLEASE??? ……It will be nice now when the christmas comes :)
    and again, A BIG THANK YOU MAN :)))

    1. I did a version of Frosty for ATS when it first came out but hardly anyone downloaded it, understandable seen as the 3 desert states don’t really fit with a winter mod. Maybe I will update it for the rescale.

      1. yea man, i know, is a bit akward, snow in a desert zone :)))
        but is christmas, after all, even in the ets2 on tsm map, in africa was snow :)))) i mean by snow weather mod, and in spain, italy, zones without snow!!! :)
        i know it takes time and is not easy to make, but please make a snow mod, and dont care about that the other player say about the winter mod, there will be folks who will apreciate this very much……
        one sugestion i want to ask on teh winter mod
        please make a 2nd mod with the roads not so full of snow and with the normal traction, not winter traction :) ….can i talk to you personally ??? how can i find you ???

        1. I never apply physics to my Frosty Winter mods so trucks drive as normal, as for the roads in the ATS version hardly any or no frost was added. I can be contacted on the SCS Forum.

  4. Pretty nice mod bro! I tell it like it is about these mods in this community and some makers can’t handle the TRUTH cause there are WHOLE bunch of shiztty azz made mods out here destroying folks PC’s with all these #### game crashes and ah even bigger bunch of nut riders telling folks these mods are great when they really #### azz!!!! Thanks for making a proper mod Grimes…….

    1. Many thanks Uncle_D

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