Realistic Drivers For ATS & ETS2 V1.1

driver-photos realistic-driver

Realistic Drivers For ATS & ETS2. All 227 driver pictures have been changed to real life trucker pictures. All your favorite truckers from several shows and real truckers from all over the world.



4 thoughts on “Realistic Drivers For ATS & ETS2 V1.1

  1. Cool. I wish there were a mod that would up the driver count by like 50+ on top of what ATS has provided as I have already run out of drivers and cant hire anymore.

    1. Deputydawg

      There’s a mod that lets you have up to 459 drivers on the SCS Forums.

      1. Doesn`t work on ATS. I`ve tried it a long time ago, unless it`s changed.

  2. Really? Thanks for letting me know. Im about to find it.

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