Realistic Corner Shops 1.2

This mod changes some of the logos present in the shops to realistic ones, it’s a small change that adds a lot of realism.

Changelog V1.2
– Fixed Love’s highway exit sign restaurant
– Added Real Motel Logos
– Changed CocaCola Vending Machine to a newer US style (Was Japanese style)
– Changed the new highway exit sign logos to real ones (Gas logos based on my gas station mod so they work together)

Tested on 1.41
The mod will work on all DLC states and is compatible with ATS Real logos project

If you want you can donate to:

Pedro Martins


7 thoughts on “Realistic Corner Shops 1.2

  1. A_C_Muller

    1st try = CTD
    2nd try = Nothing
    3rd try = Threw mod in garbage

    1. You’re clueless boy.

    2. Ossipedia

      It works perfectly fine for me. Maybe you’re using other mods that change companies or environment? Sounds like a mod conflict to me. Like mentioned before – I have no troubles with this and any other mods by Pedro.

    3. Pedro Martins

      1st – You have a mod creating conflict
      2nd – Try to be less rude and ask for help
      3nd – If the mod didn’t work I would not released it

    4. Some people are just clueless. Have a look on the SCS Forum, and you’d know that this mod has been out for some time and is working just fine.

  2. The Godfather

    great mod love it if u could please add some more next update that be great new pertol stations like Mobil shell and if u could do a ai traffic pack that would be great as well been looking for someone for a while to do a pack but yeah if not thats cool just would like to see more in this pack and works 100% fine no issues as all keep up your good work and this up to date please

    1. Pedro Martins

      I already have a petrol stations mod

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