Real World Billboards v220814

The mod updates (most) of the billboards around the map to use real world billboards.

I enjoy other real world graphics mods but have been wanting to see some new billboards lately that feature more updated billboards from 2020-2022 and also wanted to ensure that billboards represented their regions (to the best of my ability).
To accomplish this, I began making notes of where each instance of a billboard would appear and then tried to map companies to those locations, if they would advertise there.

Some billboards look professional. Some look ugly. Some are wacky or are designed to make you laugh. Some are PSAs. I did not want to include overtly political messages, so those kinds of billboards have been left out in favor of focusing on commercial-type advertising. Some billboards include subtle jokes that I’ve added, but they’re not meant to distract from reality and you (hopefully) won’t notice them unless you study them closely.

This pack is periodically updated so that the billboards stay fresh and relevant. Subscribers will occasionally discover new billboards without having to do anything but be subscribed!

In order to determine which billboards should be updated, I’ve created a scoring system that weights the billboards based on the number of times they appear and how old the art on the billboard is. This gives me a “weight” that I use to which billboards to focus on updating next to keep these fresh with each update.

As this just swaps out texture files (for now), it should be compatible with almost all other mods. However, to ensure that you see these billboards in the game, make sure that this mod is loaded above other similar-type mods.

v2022.08.14: Monthly update including several revisions and new additions to the Montana DLC.



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