Real Trailer Brands and logos v1.0 by Joshkerr


Megapack with more than 40 real brands for most of the original ATS trailers.

Almost 100 trailers, included variants, all of them based in the real versions, always trying to be as accurate as possible.

It also includes several real companies of commercial trucking equipment, such as Cancade, Polar, Utily, Thermo King, Wabash, etc…

There may be some mirrored textures, I apologize for the inconveniences.

Put this mod on second place on top


Real brands included among the skins:

*Du Pont
*Dunkin Donuts
*San Miguel
*Amazon Fresh
*ST-Germain Express
*American Concrete
*Highway Transport
*Werner Enterprises
*Coca Cola
*Miller Lite
*North American
*Florida rock & Tank Lines
*Taco Bell
*Tribe Transportation
*Sunco Carriers
*Monster Energy

Thanks, and enjoy.



16 thoughts on “Real Trailer Brands and logos v1.0 by Joshkerr

  1. Arthur Vince

    Thanks!! This is exactly what we needed!!

  2. Thanks a lot !!! :)

  3. Thank you so much Joshkerr

  4. does that alsoreplace the imaginary companys of the game with real ones? if not could yuo make such addition to this pack please

    1. Faelandaea

      Something like that? Easy to make for yourself if you want. Takes no time at all to do :)

      1. I’ve seen his work, and I can only say, bravo.

        If you need help with trailers, let me know


  5. no real company name ?

  6. “second place on top” Thats very specific xD
    Anyway, appreciate your work man!

  7. Thank you, it’s looking great ingame!

  8. great addition to the game thanks for the share

  9. i cant get this mod to work. Placed it 2nd from top but all brands are still the same

  10. If you ever do an update, please add Staples.
    I have made up one for ETS2 with appropriate cargoes.

  11. Any update due for Advanced Coupling?

  12. I have 3 trailer mods that work in ETS2, but will not work in ATS using the ATS trailers from the base file. At best, in ATS, the cargoes come up in freight market, but only with the default trailers. I have painted trailers which work as skins, but not as stand-alone trailers.

  13. KrystalKleo

    Can not download. Says they have been terminated due to multiple violations of the terms and services

  14. The download has been deleted,please add a new one

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