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Real Package Trucks

Date 2016-02-02 09:39


UPS and FedEx real brands for package van

Please, don’t change download link, no reupload, and remember respect credits




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  1. Kiwi

    Say goodbye to PostEd and UDS :) Thanks for this…

  2. captain

    i hope real american company mod. some moderator.
    wallbert to walmart :)

    • Faelandaea

      I started to do that but then realized that a lot of Walbert stores are the smaller stores. Not fitting at all for Wal Mart, who only has massive supercenters. They have no small stores. I have decided to model signs for either Walgreens instead or possibly Kroeger.

      • Spencer

        1) Walmart doesn’t only have Supercenters. They have around 3300 Supercenters which are the 175k sq ft stores & still have over 500 “Discount” stores, which are the ones around 100k sq ft.

        2) ATS does have Supercenters. I just delivered to one in Reno, I think it was. It was actually pretty impressive, driving to the back of the Supercenter to deliver. Most of the other Walberts in-game are scaled down DC’s.

        3) There is definitely some confusion on the smaller Wallberts (are they Walmarts or Wallgreens)? I certainly thought Wallgreen’s for sure & they might have mixed the two up in to one company. The small drug store is probably a Wallgreen’s, but don’t forget there are now Walmart Neighborhood Markets & Walmart Express out there too.

    • Kiwi

      I think Walberts is more Walgreens than Wal-Mart looking at the remapped logos etc. But I would love to see Wal-Mart in the game. Maybe a proficient modder can add some People of Wal-Mart too :)

  3. Yannick

    Thank you for the mod. Now I can start with the real companys to night.

  4. Jerry

    Hi mates, does anybody knows where I could find a Skinning tutorial? I got the Template but I don’t know how to create the skin. Thanks in advance.

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