8 thoughts on “Real Package Trucks

  1. Say goodbye to PostEd and UDS :) Thanks for this…

  2. i hope real american company mod. some moderator.
    wallbert to walmart :)

    1. Faelandaea

      I started to do that but then realized that a lot of Walbert stores are the smaller stores. Not fitting at all for Wal Mart, who only has massive supercenters. They have no small stores. I have decided to model signs for either Walgreens instead or possibly Kroeger.

      1. 1) Walmart doesn’t only have Supercenters. They have around 3300 Supercenters which are the 175k sq ft stores & still have over 500 “Discount” stores, which are the ones around 100k sq ft.

        2) ATS does have Supercenters. I just delivered to one in Reno, I think it was. It was actually pretty impressive, driving to the back of the Supercenter to deliver. Most of the other Walberts in-game are scaled down DC’s.

        3) There is definitely some confusion on the smaller Wallberts (are they Walmarts or Wallgreens)? I certainly thought Wallgreen’s for sure & they might have mixed the two up in to one company. The small drug store is probably a Wallgreen’s, but don’t forget there are now Walmart Neighborhood Markets & Walmart Express out there too.

    2. I think Walberts is more Walgreens than Wal-Mart looking at the remapped logos etc. But I would love to see Wal-Mart in the game. Maybe a proficient modder can add some People of Wal-Mart too :)

  3. Thank you for the mod. Now I can start with the real companys to night.

  4. Hi mates, does anybody knows where I could find a Skinning tutorial? I got the Template but I don’t know how to create the skin. Thanks in advance.

    1. just check out youtube, plenty of vidz over there

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