Real Logos [upd: 11.11.17]

A growing collection of real-world logos to replace their in-game facsimiles.

NOTE: If you did not download this from then you probably have an old version.
The above URL is the only approved download location other than the Steam Workhop. (Plus it has no ads, so why download from anywhere else?)

Changes finished:

PAPA Auto Care changed to NAPA Auto Care
Meddy’s changed to Wendy’s
Tiger Express changed to Panda Express
Amigo Computers changed to Amiga Computers
Taco-Man and Spice Invaders changed to Pac-Man and Space Invaders
Some corrections to fake ads too, e.g. changing “I make home calls” to “I make house calls”; changing “Ol‘ Bollo” to “Ol’ Bollo”.
Funkin’ Donuts changed to Dunkin’ Donuts
Barkin Poppins changed to Baskin Robbins
Albuquerque Annual Balloon Festival changed to Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta
KFCG billboard changed to KBCQ (Roswell)
Lachita changed to La Cita (Tucumcari) with some artistic license because the hat is taller in game than in real life
Lowa Cinema changed to Loma Cinema (Socorro)
Don Carrey Tower changed to Don Garey Tower (Hobbs)
Lia Theater changed to Zia Theater, and replaced alien with correct cowboy (Fort Sumner)
Added missing text to E. Sweet sign (Fort Sumner)
Drake’s Hotaburger changed to Blake’s Lotaburger (changed face to be closer to real logo too)
Anastazi Inn changed to Anasazi Inn (wish I could make the howling coyote cleaner)
The Dorick Fleer plaque changed to The Derrick Floor (Artesia)
MUTT construction equipment changed to CAT
Nudged hotel/casino changed to Nugget (Reno)
Halley-Davidsoon changed to Harley-Davidson
Snow Cap changed to Delgadillo’s Snow Cap (not quite right font though)
ESPN and HBO names restored to Hill Top Motel sign (Kingman)
Mr. M’z changed to Mr. D’z (Kingman)
Chemron changed to Chevron, with correct Delo ads and credit card ads on station buildings (gas station awnings still read “Chemron” as that’s done via 3D modeling — not textures)
Yellow/red gas station given Shell logo (but I haven’t seen this one appear in game anywhere yet)
UDS van changed to UPS
BFLM locomotive changed to BNSF (with thanks to QBall3577 for providing the RGB part of the new texture)
Dear John 2517 changed to John Deere 8110
Komat’s Sun changed to Komatsu (Stockton)
Dep Boy changed to Pep Boys (Stockton)
Nam Nam Donuts changed to Yum Yum Donuts (Stockton)
Deldago Tires changed to Delgado Tires (Stockton)
Oakland Shippers changed to Port of Oakland
Vine Creek Vineyard changed to Tablas Creek Vineyard
Herren Rentals changed to Ahern Rentals
Hotel Holiday changed to Holiday Inn (Los Angeles)
Cuovo Silver changed to Cuervo Silver (Los Angeles)
Mac changed to Jack in the Box (Los Angeles)
Drive Aid changed to Rite Aid (Los Angeles)
Safe Personal Storage changed to Public Storage
Halgreens changed to Walgreens (Reno)
Colorado casino changed to El Dorado (Reno)
Jarrahs changed to Harrah’s (Reno) including fake “Zone 22” logo to real “Zone 21” logo
“Glove” show poster changed “Love” (Las Vegas) but game pastes fake text on it
The Miracle changed to The Mirage (Las Vegas)
Monte Bianco changed to Monte Carlo (Las Vegas)
Mandela Bay Hotel changed to Mandalay Bay (Las Vegas)
Nailhouse motel changed to Jailhouse (Ely)
Hotel Navada changed to Hotel Nevada (still wrong font and the donkey is wrong gender! Also model change needed to fix front sign)
Added Greyhound dog logo to Greyhound bus station (Fresno)
Martin’s Pub changed to Carl’s Jr. (Fresno)
Dream Drink changed to Coca Cola (Fresno)
Saskia Motel changed to Sands Motel (Fresno); “MOTEL” font is wrong though
Speed 9 changed to Super 8 (Fresno)
Penny’s changed to Wendy’s (Fresno)
Farland bus changed to Greyhound
N-Hool box truck changed to U-Haul
CarZone changed to AutoZone
FAPA Auto Parts billboard changed to NAPA Auto Parts
Araon’s changed to Aaron’s
PostEd van changed to FedEx

Planned changes yet to make:

West Coast Tour bus change to Coach USA
VOX theatre change to FOX theatre (Bakersfield)
Marula Airshow change to Madera Airshow (Fresno)
Hard Book Cafe change to Hard Rock Cafe (Pier 39)
Bran Con logo change to Comic Con (San Diego)
Palace to Caesar’s Palace (Las Vegas)
Triumph to Trump (Las Vegas) — don’t forget the lighting
The Gregorian Hotel change to The Georgian Hotel (Los Angeles)
Change Joshua’s to Joseph’s (Santa Rosa, NM)
Change Rays Ice Crem Parlor to Roy’s Ice Cream Parlor (Carrizozo)
Change Benny’s Diner to Penny’s Diner (Vaughn)
Change Flame Rock Casino to Fire Rock Casino (Church Rock)
Will look into changing Global Mills to General Mills, if 3D objects allow

What I’d like to see done but can’t be fixed via textures:
Change Freakin Coyote to Firkin & Fox in Carson City
Change SaleMart to SaveMart
Change IFLOP to IHOP
Change Sunny Land theatre to Land Sun theatre

What needs to be done but I don’t have the talent for it:
Change the sexy female miner sign in Ely to the correct burly male miner




9 thoughts on “Real Logos [upd: 11.11.17]

  1. scaniatrucker73

    Can I just put the rar file in my mod folder to make the it work or do i have to change it?

    I’m asking because it’s usually a scs file.

    1. Charles Ball

      The mod is –INSIDE– the rar archive.

  2. not shown in the mods manager, the previous version did show…

  3. R & T Trucking

    You must not have put the right file in the mod folder! It works fine…

  4. Works perfect :) There were some things frustrating me when i was making my own personal real companies mod. This fills that gap!!! Many thanks!! :)

  5. Keep IFLOP. It’s too good to change, hehe.

  6. Can you change the gas station company?
    gp to bp and red oil gas to texaco.
    And you must fix the chevron gas station logo. White text is still chemron.

  7. Triceratops

    The texture of “Dear John 2517 changed to John Deere 8110” no longer works. SCS has replaced the tractor in ATS version 1.35.

  8. Ross A. Anderson

    Which file do I put in what folder.I have only downloaded sci files,nothing like this.

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