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Real Light Fog Lamp

Date 2016-03-10 14:53

Real-Light-Fog-Lamp-1 Real-Light-Fog-Lamp-2

Real illumination from additional light devices

ATS version: s|s / ETS 2 version: s

Authors: SCS, koptes


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4 Responses to Real Light Fog Lamp

  1. Sorry, but isn’t this in the picture an European Truck?

  2. osman

    This one looks like a sidelight. Have you ever seen a fog light in real life, champion? ha?

  3. Mirkels

    That is the “Hella Luminator” and you are not the creator !!!!!!!!

  4. looks nice, but I agree with these guys, Its an European truck, so u cant give us 100% sure if it works for the ATS Trucks/modded trucks.

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