Real Interior Cams ATS v 1.1.1

Real interior cams for all trucks v.1.1.1:

* International Lonestar
* Kenworth T680
* Kenworth W900
* Peterbilt 389
* Peterbilt 579
* Volvo VNL

New in version 1.1.1:

* Compatible with version
* Fixed some errors due to changes of the update 1.37.

Doubts or configurations:

* For a better view of the cameras, use display formats in 16:9 (examples: 1920×1080, 1600×900, 1366×768, 1280×720, etc…).
* With the new “seat adjustment” it can modified the position the seat and the steering wheel, but they have a cap or limit, and also, does not allow adjust with detail the seat position and the steering wheel, so I have continued to update this mod with more precision, in a personal way.
* If it has been modified the position of the seat or steering wheel in the truck we drive, to run well the mod must be restored the seat position to its original settings, from inside the cabin click three times in the “F4″ key (seat adjustment) and click the “R” key to return to the default position of the seat and steering wheel. This is only necessary do it the first time and if it has been modified the seating position, if you have not already, it is not necessary.
* With the activated mod you can continue to modify the “seat adjustment” of the same mode as in the default game.

Tested on the game version



7 thoughts on “Real Interior Cams ATS v 1.1.1

  1. PitbullTasja

    Hello Indomable,

    Just as fyi I think you missed something (i edited it myself so your 1.1.1 on my end does not have the error anymore, does not cause crashes)

    Ignoring obsolete attribute ‘stereo_convergence’ of unit ‘camera.interior.intnational.lonestar’ (of type ‘vehicle_interior_camera’).
    00:05:33.257 : Ignoring obsolete attribute ‘stereo_convergence’ of unit ‘camera.interior.peterbilt.389’ (of type ‘vehicle_interior_camera’).
    00:05:33.258 : Ignoring obsolete attribute ‘stereo_convergence’ of unit ‘’ (of type ‘vehicle_interior_camera’).
    00:05:33.258 : Ignoring obsolete attribute ‘stereo_convergence’ of unit ‘camera.interior.peterbilt.579’ (of type ‘vehicle_interior_camera’).
    00:05:33.259 : Ignoring obsolete attribute ‘stereo_convergence’ of unit ‘camera.interior.kenworth.w900’ (of type ‘vehicle_interior_camera’).
    00:05:33.259 : Ignoring obsolete attribute ‘stereo_convergence’ of unit ‘camera.interior.kenworth.t680’ (of type ‘vehicle_interior_camera’).

    The files in folder units still contain that ;)

    1. Yes mate, I forgot to modify those files, they do not cause errors, but they give errors in the registry, I modified it again and they no longer give errors:

      Thanks PitbullTasja

      Regards :)

      1. PitbullTasja

        Thx that is working like a charm and log free from erros whoopie.
        I might be asking on a moment you are busy but was wondering if the mod will get an update at some point (considering world gone mad and adjusting to new life) which contains Mack Anthem?

        1. Yes, I will continue updating the mod, on the Mack the problem is that the rear view mirrors are so far from the cabin that it will be difficult for me to leave it in a decent way, but I will see what I can do.


          1. PitbullTasja

            Thx for ther eply. I figured as much they seem to be different positioned then the other trucks making it harder to get a “better view”

            Again thank you we love the mod and use it with so much pleasure for both games (of course proper version for the games)

  2. Thanks for update Indomable ;)

    1. You’re welcome.

      Greetings Darkcaptain :)

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