Real Gas Stations Revival Project 1.1

This mod changes the in game gas station logos and brands to realistic ones
You already know the deal

Changelog V1.1
– Changed delivery point gas stations (old small Texaco) to Speedway to match the oil company from company mod (Marathon);
– Added ARCO Gas stations (replaces some BP’s in California, just like irl);
– Updated Exxon small gas station and added logo to single pump from Oregon;
– Updated 76 Corner Station (Added round logo and improved colors);
– Fixed Flying J and Pilot logos not showing correctly;
– Improved compatibility for 1.40

Compatible with my other mods
Tested on 1.40.x with all states dlc’s

For more information and older changelogs ask me on SCS Software forum

Pedro Martins, P16


3 thoughts on “Real Gas Stations Revival Project 1.1

  1. Is it compatible with other maps?

  2. Good Work!

  3. Any update to 1.41?

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